Alice in Hong Kong
離開了溫暖的家 要學習的有很多
因為我很幸運 because i am a lucky girl!

曾 愷玹

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  • 悄悄話
  • LUCKY GIRL :珍惜你所擁有的一切!!是最重要的~
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  • 加油!
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  • From Usa

    Dear Ms
    well..after i read the diary that you wrote. I personally think that both of us have the same situations. My name is Johnny I was born in Taiwan, but i gew up in San francisco. It really hard for me to deal with independent and how to talk or act professional because I need to learn English and Cantonese in the first place. Most people there are from HongKong and born native. During that time I was really suffering and couldnt find the way to get along with people because i am not that kind of person. I am glad that you know how to cherish the people or the place that around you and continuously learn everything that you pass by. 加油 if you know what cherish means please reply and tell me what the definition of it.
    Sincerely Johnny

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  • 多想遇见你 太美了~